Our first Angel Flight of 2019!

After being grounded for an extended period of time, we are so happy to say that our first Angel Flight of 2019 has been completed!
Home base Luray Va to Manassas Va to Clarksburg WVa, landing back home at 1230 (What a GREAT feeling to be back in the air🙂) Our young passenger Sam, along with his Dad, were on their way to Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital.

We are so happy to be back in the air, doing what we love to do…. but there is one thing that saddens us both very much, and that is the fact that we no longer have our go-to gal, MaryJane Sablan at Angel Flight Mid Atlantic to coordinate our flights (She has been with us since day one) and this is the very first of our many, many flights that she has not been a part of!  MJ, we miss and love you, and know for sure that during the many years of your dedicated service you have made such a wonderful difference in so many lives! Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic has lost a treasure and we hope for you only the very best in whatever comes your way next!💖

We would like to thank our friend and fellow pilot, Mrs. Karen Culpepper for the fantastic homemade macadamia nut cookies she personally delivered to our hanger this morning before our departure… what a way to start a flight!

We would like to also thank all of our supporters and our Mechanic, Doug Carlock for getting us back into the air….. and to all of you, for taking time to read and view our post.

Thanks again so much, it is so good to be back! Our next Angel Flight will be this coming Wednesday, the 10th, to bring Mr. Sam home🙂

Following are some photos of today’s flight



Our back seat ready for 12-year-old Sam and his Dad…… The cookies were donated by Girl Scout Troop 125 from the Virginia Beach Area at this year’s Pilot Appreciation Day to be given out by us Pilots to our passengers! 



In our “Happy Place” once again!



Climbing out of Page Valley headed for Manassas Va



Just departed Manassas heading for Clarksburg WVa



Between cloud layers over West Virginia



Sam with his Dad on our way to Clarksburg WVa



Group photo…. on our way to Clarksburg WVa



What a view! ……. one you can only get from the air!



Now beginning to see some ground over WVa



Enjoying our  I.A.P.  (In Air Picnic) on our way home somewhere over West Virginia



6 thoughts on “Our first Angel Flight of 2019!”

  1. It is so wonderful to have you both back doing what you love to do. God Bless you both, you are a wonderful pair and do so many wonderful things. Esther L. Jacobson

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