Our weekly “Get off the Earth” time… February 6th, 2021

Hello everyone from John and Nevin!


We try to, at least once a week, head over to the airport so we can stretch 49Bravo’s wings… this past Saturday was our most recent trip. Come along with us, through our photos, as we fly over the Massanutten Mountain Range, Bryce Ski Resort in western Shenandoah County VA, and then on to Harpers Ferry WVA. After landing we enjoyed lunch, coffee, and great conversation in our hanger lounge! I will be posting some of our other recent flights as well, and will begin to post each new one after we complete them. Due to Covid, and fewer Angel Flights being posted that we could complete due to distance and weight, we have not completed any Angel Flight Mission since the beginning of last year… but we are keeping our skills sharp and our feet off the ground every chance we get!


Hope all is doing well with everyone… see you on the next flight!    Captain John and Nevin


PS: I am going to start a daily, or weekly posting (I have not decided which) of photos showing interesting sites we have experienced from the cockpit of 49Bravo during the past 10 years. We have really experienced some amazing sites! Stay tuned!










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