Pilot Appreciation Day 2018…. and “The Blue Uniform”

     We had a Great Time Saturday at “Pilot Appreciation Day 2018” I am so glad that my wife, Sharon and our little Miss Mikayla could go along… (they both LOVE to fly)!  It was wonderful spending some time with many of our fellow Pilots, along with the amazing folks from Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic that coordinate all of our flights!

     The MC of this great event was Doug Cox, author, executive, songwriter, singer, poet, and an inspirational speaker who has touched the lives of thousands of people throughout the world…… Doug done a fantastic job, using his wit, humor and sincerity (You can visit his website at  dougcoxonline.com)

     Captain John and I were Honored to receive “Virginia Pilots of the Year” and “Regional Pilots of the Year for the whole Mid-Atlantic”….. Captain John had several other surprises as well ….. one of which was about “The Blue Uniform” (Click on the link below to find out more on this) 

     Captain John also received a letter of Acknowledgement from Frank Borman …. Commander of the Apollo 8 Space Mission that was the first to orbit the Moon 50 years ago! He received another letter of Acknowledgement  and a “Coin” from David Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force! Many people were involved in bringing this all together…. a Great Big “Thank You” to Robb Alpaugh and all the ones working with him in making this a very amazing and fun event!

For the amazing story about the “Blue Uniform”       Click Here …..  story by The Virginian-Pilot

Following are some photos of our day……

DSCN2193 (2)
On our way to Pilot Appreciation Day 2018 with my Wife Sharon and our little Mikayla
DSCN2204 (2)
Captain John being vectored in for a visual approach to runway 14 at Norfolk
DSCN2207 (2)
Miss Mikayla being amazed by the large ships around the Naval Ship Yard
DSCN2216 (2)
Heading for runway 14 on a visual approach into Norfolk International
DSCN2225 (2)
A very nice crowd gathering at Pilot Appreciation Day 2018
DSCN2227 (2)
A “Great Big Thank You” to Signature Flight Support for use of the large corporate hanger!
DSCN2228 (2)
With Chris Kroetsch, Vice President and CFO
DSCN2230 (2)
Had a fantastic lunch provided


DSCN2231 (2)
My Gal’s…… Miss Mikayla and Sharon!
DSCN2238 (2)
With our amazing little Mikayla…… she has already flown 49Bravo!
DSCN2239 (2)
So glad my “Gal’s” got to come along!
DSCN2253 (2)
Captain John and I with Robb Alpaugh and Steve Craven, as we receive  “Virginia Pilot of the Year Award”
DSCN2255 (2)
We also received “Regional Pilot of the Year Award” for the whole Mid-Atlantic Region!   Captain John is holding his two, one on top of the other.
DSCN2262 (2)
Captain John listening to some pretty amazing acknowledgement’s ….. one, a letter from Frank Borman, Commander of the Apollo 8 Mission that was the first to orbit the Moon) and another, a letter from David Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force!
DSCN2265 (2)
Notice what something on the table ………
DSCN2268 (2)
Retired Army General David Rodriguez congratulating Captain John
DSCN2271 (2)
Little Miss Mikayla really getting into what is going on!
DSCN2274 (2)
Robb Alpaugh leading up to   “The Blue Uniform
DSCN2278 (2)
The “Surprise” is getting closer! 

DSCN2290 (2)


DSCN2293 (2)
Robb Alpaugh presenting Captain John with the framed letter of congratulations from Frank Borman, Commander of Apollo 8 Space Mission that was first to orbit the Moon 50 years ago! 
DSCN2295 (2)
The “Blue Uniform“……… (CLICK HERE) to read this amazing story!
DSCN2297 (2)
Captain John standing proudly with Brigadier General Scott Pleus after being presented with his Blue Uniform!
DSCN2301 (2)
With fellow Pilot’s and Mary Jane…….  Our “Rock” for coordinating all of our Flights!  




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