Sky Ball XIII in Dallas Texas

     John and I was invited to attend this Amazing Event  (Sky Ball)  at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport….. the event took place inside one of American Airlines Hangers (Hanger 5).  It was a tremendous Honor being there at this Event Honoring all of Our Country’s Veterans…….  This year was Sky Ball VIII which Celebrated all Vietnam Veterans, Medal Of Honor Recipients and the US Air Force.  Thank You Robb Alpaugh for making this trip possible for John and I….. it was truly an Honor to be there !

Here are some pictures of Our Trip……

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  1. Just for the record, here’s some history on Sky Ball: Thirteen years ago a small committee of the FORT WORTH AIRPOWER FOUNDATION threw a party and Sky Ball began at Meachem Field, Fort Worth, Texas. American Airlines came onboard two years later, holding the event in their maintenance facility at Alliance Airport (Fort Worth) until they took bankruptcy and sold that building. The event was then moved to American’s D/FW Airport facility. The Fort Worth Airpower Foundation is an offshoot of the Fort Worth Airpower Council, founded in 1958 by local business leaders and General Curtis LeMay. American Airlines took over the name two years ago and turned it into what you saw on Saturday evening. American Airlines is a corporate patriot, an unwavering friend to veterans and one great airline. I tip my hat.

  2. Thank you for sharing. We have landed in Dallas many times so it is nice to see your pictures .I am glad you were able to make this trip you both look great!

  3. Nevin…Great pictures. Best I’ve EVER seen of the Pentagon and Arlington Cemetery. Absolutely. Also I think that might be Dealey (sp) Plaza (site of the John Kennedy shooting) in the 2nd. photo of Dallas. Can anyone confirm that? Thanks Nevin, for taking good care of my man…BB

    1. One was Molly Hudgens from Ashland city, Tennessee. She received her metal of honor for talking down a teen who brought a gun to school to kill several teachers and the school sro officer.

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