The Answer !!!!!

The answer is………

0 (Zero) People on it ! 

This answer will be correct in most any situation 99.999999 % of the time !

Now here is how this all figures out …….

One day while Mikayla and I were outside playing, we saw a passenger jet very clearly flying along in the nice clear sky  (We both always seem to turn our eyes quickly to any sound of an airplane overhead) …. and as we were watching it, I said to her, Mikayla, do you know that on that airplane there are many many people flying to some very interesting places ?….. and she turned to me and said….. Daddy, there is not anyone on that airplane !…….. They are in it !!!!!!!!   

Thanks for Your Time !    ……. and Have A Great Day !

If you have time, visit our homepage of “Wings Around America” and find out about our Angel Flights……..  (CLICK HERE FOR OUR HOMEPAGE)


Here is Mikayla, my little 4 year old and the Cutest Pilot-In-Training you will ever see !


20 thoughts on “The Answer !!!!!”

  1. I also have wondered how many people might be on a airplane while watching it in the sky.I never once thought to say in the airplane.Mikayla amazes me every time I am around her.She is so smart for being so young.It makes you wonder what goes on in her little/big mind.

  2. Elaine Tully. Hendersonville

    its wonderful that little miss cutie pie understands the English language better than most of us. There is hope for the future

  3. Ralph Cavaliere

    Yes, Nevin, it’s only a matter of practice and many times this, “Practice”, becomes the norm even if wrong. And my proof- reading skills(?), need practice. I ended up writing, “Say”, instead of “Says”. God Bless the little pilot. Why should she remind me of Shirley Temple, I don’t know….She was a precocious child, as is Mikayla. Adorable.

    1. Ralph….. its interesting you mentioned Shirley Temple, I have always thought little Mikayla reminded me of her, not only with her cuteness but also with her talents ! Thanks for your comments !

  4. Ralph Cavaliere

    I Called Captain Billings, thanking both of you for the kind letter which I received today. I will pass around the cards included in the envelope to make aware of your efforts in helping the needy with your ANGEL FLIGHTS, WINGS OVER AMERICA, BECAUSE WE CARE, Program We have a somewhat similar program called, “Angel Bikes”, where we donate these bikes to veterans who need perambulatory assistance getting around. I’m Chaplain and 1st. Vice-Cmdr. of my local American Legion Post with a large membership and I hope these cards will help to, Keep ’em Flying, gentlemen!

  5. Ralph Cavaliere

    Here, again, Nevin, another faux pas. I should have written, “WINGS AROUND AMERICA”:…..Sorry…
    And….How about? IN the Air; ON a flight; IN the sky; AT sea.

  6. A lesson to be learned. Watch how you say what you say. Yikes. Besides a future pilot, maybe an English teacher on the side! Thanks for sharing your little angel.

    1. Hi Jo ! and thanks for your comment …….. sometimes we just need “LISTEN” Have a Great Day and thanks for following our flights !

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