Video Clips of Our Flight !

Approaching Mt St Helens

Flying thru a pass in the Santa Rosa Mountains….  California

Flying Around Niagara Falls !

Flying Near Mount Hood……. Northern Oregon (Part of the Cascades Volcanic Arc)

The Salton Sea……. Southern California

Old Tucson

Big Sur California

Flying Over the Gulf of Mexico

Landing at John Wayne International Airport …. California

24 thoughts on “Video Clips of Our Flight !”

  1. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Beautiful !!!! I have always heard so many stories how beautiful and amazing Niagara Falls was.Thank you so much for this video.I am looking forward to seeing more of your videos.

  2. This was almost like being there and it is beautiful!!you have done a fantastic job posting and writing about the trip and I have enjoyed everyday.

  3. wow – Spectacular -Great Video –
    That brought back some memories – We spent out honeymoon there — 67 1/2 years ago!!!!
    So interest5ing to see it from such a different perspective!

  4. Betty Stephens. Fort Valley

    Thanks for sharing these videos . Truly amazing to watch. I have enjoyed seeing all the fabulous pictures. Captain John & you are an amazing team.

  5. Mt Hood is just beautiful!!Glad I don’t have to pick my favorite post that would be hard to do . They have been Great!!
    Betty Loyd

  6. Really like your videos. Just a little hint to make them even better. Use music without singing, It would be easier to understand what you are saying. Just my little thought, take it or leave it. Von

  7. Ruth & Ken Hartman

    Great Videos of both Niagara Falls ( we went there on our Honeymoon) & MT. Hood. We have a picture of Mt. Hood that hangs above our Fireplace.
    John & Nevin it is so Thoughtful of you to Share the Beautiful pictures & videos our Great Country.

  8. Wow! What amazing videos! I especially appreciate the aviation background information, ’cause I wondered about the restrictions and so forth for flying around the falls…. they must have an air traffic controller just for that if lots of people want to do it. Wondering if you had to change your flight plans to avoid the weather coming in behind Mt. Hood… but glad the mountain air currents were calm. What incredible fun you guys had!

  9. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Amazing video of Mount Hood.It looks like you both could of reached out and touched it.Flying high you were.Loved it and I can’t wait to see more.Thank you both again for everything you do.This has been the best vacation ever for me and it didn’t cost me anything lol.I can hear fine with the music and I really enjoy it.Two great men you are…love always.

  10. Really enjoying the beautiful sights on the videos. Thank you for sharing. Pat and John, Strasburg, VA
    Good article in the NV Daily yesterday.

  11. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Another great video !!! I love the back ground peaceful.I was checking the clouds out and I actually thought one of them sat up and waved but then I realized it was a reflection of one of your hands.It really had me like Wow.I am wondering if anyone else saw this.It was really amazing.I look forward to more of your videos.Your Epic Flight ( Wings Around America ) might be over up in the air but you are still dedicated to this mission to share awareness to Charitable Flying so I thank you both for all you do.Love always.

  12. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Silly me.. it wasn’t the clouds.. it was down around the lake that I saw it lol but at first it really did look like someone waving.Then I saw it was someones hand.It just shows that I was really checking out the beautiful video and that I wasn’t so crazy lol.

  13. Really love that western ones. I love old westerns too and this was great! Thank you for the time you put into all this. It has been awesome.
    Betty Loyd

  14. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Great job once again.I also love the old westerns and I can still remember watching them with dad too.He did love him some old westerns for sure.I know you put a lot of time and long hours into this but I also know it is something you love to do.So I thank you for all that you keep on doing.I look forward to more of your Amazing videos.

  15. Nancy from Cherry Valley, IL

    I’ve enjoyed these videos very much. Thank you so much for posting them. They bring back so many memories of flying with my father! Keep up the great work you are doing.

  16. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Beautiful !!!! I would of loved to have been in the plane with you both enjoying all the amazing sights you both have seen on your journey.Thank you both once again for sharing this with all of us.Love Always

  17. Nancy from Cherry Valley, IL

    Very interesting video. It would be neat if you could explain all the radio conversations with the tower. Is the air traffic controller talking to you or is it all the comments to other planes, too? Just interested…..

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