WAVY TV 10 Interview (Norfolk Virginia)

     What an honor it was for us to represent Angel Flight Mid Atlantic and Mercy Medical Angels yesterday (October 19th 2017) down in Norfolk Virginia ! We landed at Norfolk International at 10:30am and were immediately greeted by a great group of people…. little Daniel Turner and his mom Monchea (Daniel was our Angel Flight Passenger on Johns 400th Angel Flight Mission) Kristine Caalim (We flew Kristine and her son Zeq back in 2015 and are scheduled to fly them again next week)  Robb Alpaugh (President and CEO of Mercy Medical Angels), Stephanie Bollmann and Chris Kroetsch (From Angel Flight Mid Atlantic and Mercy Medical Angels)  Tracy Thomas and the crew from (Rev Marketing 2 U)  and the WAVY TV 10 Crew, Anita Blanton (Anchor) and Walter Hildebrand (Cameraman/Reporter)  also, Anthony Wright (General Manager of Signature Flight Support) and all the great Signature Line Crew.

     We were treated like celebrities as we got introduced to everyone (that we did not already know)…… Anita and Anthony from WAVY TV 10 interviewed us at our airplane (49Bravo) and after that we took them on a short flight around the area. After landing back on runway 5 we all went in and then John and I were interviewed in Signature’s Corporate Hanger by the crew of  Rev Marketing 2U.

     After the interviews we all headed upstairs to one of Signature’s conference rooms were we found a very nice lunch awaiting for all of us (Compliments of Signature Flight Support… Thank You Very Much !) After our fantastic lunch we all gathered for a group photo before saying our goodbyes….. (Little Daniel and his mom Monchea had to leave early so they were not able to be in the group photo)

     We would like to thank everyone for how nice we were treated and we feel very honored and humbled for being chosen to represent Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic and Mercy Medical Angels…… but we are just “two” of many (meaning all of the great volunteer pilots all across the region that volunteer for flights everyday the same as we do) with out these volunteers, none of  this would be possible !  But at the end of the day, the real Hero’s of any of our flights are all of our passengers that we carry…… for they are the ones that are courageously striving to “overcome” in what ever battle they are facing !

The Documentary will air on WAVY TV 10  November 9th 2017 (After it airs I will post a link to it from their website) 

Please visit and give a “LIKE” to Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic’s Facebook Page at  https://www.facebook.com/angelflightma/  and Mercy Medical Angels Facebook PAGE at https://www.facebook.com/mercymedicalangels/  and Our Facebook Page “Wings Around America BWC” and help us to spread the word about Charitable Flying !

     Following are some photos of our exciting day !

Our Buddy, Mr Daniel….. We flew Daniel and his Mom back in August taking them to Columbus OH (Their flight was Johns 400th Mission !)
WAVY TV 10 Cameraman Walter Hildebrand



Had us busy signing pictures and hats !
Had us busy signing pictures and hats !


Being Interviewed by WAVY TV 10 Anchor Anita Blanton
Being Interviewed by WAVY TV 10 Anchor Anita Blanton with cameraman Walter Hildebrand
WAVY TV 10 Crew going for a flight with us
WAVY TV 10 Crew Anita and Walter going for a flight with us
In the Air with the WAVY TV 10 Crew
In the Air with the WAVY TV 10 Crew
With Little Mr Daniel (One of our past Angel Flight Passengers)
With Little Mr Daniel (One of our past Angel Flight Passengers)
Stephanie Bollmann (Angel Flight Mid Atlantic) and Anita Blanton (WAVY TV 10 Anchor)
Here we are with Little Mr Daniel and his Mom Monchea (We flew them to Columbus Ohio on August 22nd 2017) and their flight was Johns 400th Angel Flight Mission !
A Great Big Thank You goes out to Signature FBO at Norfolk for providing a Great Lunch !
We were surrounded by some great folks today !
We were surrounded by some great folks today !
Here we are with Kristine Caalim….. We flew Kristine and her little boy Zeq back in 2015 (and we may have a flight again with them real soon)


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  1. Congratulations Captain John and Nevin.This was such a great honor and very well deserved.I want to thank you both and all the great volunteer pilots that dedicate their time to help all who are in need of help.God Bless all of you.

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