Our Flight Around the Country

….. 13 Days Around the United States …..

( 56.6 Flight Hours …. Over 5500 miles …. 25 States )

John Billings  and  Nevin Showman

(Click on the Day to see our Stories and Photo’s)

Day 1 (Click Here) (Luray VA to New Orleans LA)

Day 2 (Click Here) (New Orleans LA to Pecos TX)

Day 3 (Click Here) (Pecos TX to Tucson AZ)

Day 4 (Click Here) (Tucson AZ to Santa Ana CA)

Day 5 (Victorville !) (Click Here) (Santa Ana CA to Watsonville CA)

Day 6 (Click Here) (Watsonville CA to Florence OR)

Day 7 (Click Here) (Florence OR to Spokane WA)

Day 8 (Click Here) (Spokane WA to Billings MT)

Day 9 (Click Here) (Billings MT to Sioux Falls SD)

 Day 10 (Click Here) Captain Johns 92nd Birthday ! (Sioux Falls SD to Greenbay WI)

Day 11 (Click Here) (Greenbay WI to Toledo OH)

Day 12 (Click Here) (Toledo OH to Niagara Falls NY)

Day 13 (Homebound !) (Click Here) (Niagara Falls NY to Luray VA)

CLICK HERE to see some Video Clips of our flight around the Country

“CLICK HERE” to see the wonderful folks that helped to sponsor our flight !



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