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Captain John’s 98th Birthday will be on Saturday, August 7th!  We would love to have you drop by for some hanger chit-chat on that day anytime from 11:00-2:00.  We will have hotdogs, chips, and drinks… along with some good ole hanger coffee available to all!  The location will be in our hanger at Luray Caverns Airport (Luray Virginia) 1504 Airport Rd, Luray, VA 22835. Let me know if you may be able stop by, or if you have any questions, my (Nevin) contact information is (Cell) 540-335-2367 (Email) tvtech1979@yahoo.com  Please feel free to share this with all your friends, hope to see you there!

(CLICK HERE) to see our Angel Flight with Ms. Cora… our first Angel Flight since covid began!


Captain John was interviewed recently by the Matthew Barakat from the Associated Press … You can click (HERE) to see the article as it was posted in the Winchester Star (local newspaper in Winchester Virginia)

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(Click Here) read about our flight… “Lunch with Susan” on May 6th, 2021


If you missed the following interview “Oh So Social”, you can click (here) for the recording.

Next Wednesday, April 28th from 6:00-8:00pm Captain John will be interviewed by General Norton Schwartz, USAF (Ret.) about his book “Special Duties Pilot” due to be released very soon. You will not want to miss this free streaming live event… you can sign up by clicking on the attached link. This is part of the series “Oh So Social” Conversation Series by the O.S.S. Society (Office of Strategic Services). Please help spread the word and share, share, share!

(You can click here for the link to register)

     Back in 1945, one of the most daring and successful Covert Missions of WWII… “Operation Greenup” began. The pilot of the blackened B24 that flew three spies to their drop zone over the frozen Austrian Alps (in the dark of night) was no other than Captain John Billings!

Listen to this amazing piece of History in the video below as told by the Captain himself… keep in mind, this was 76 year ago!

PS: This video is about 23 minutes long, but well worth the time… when finished, google “Operation Greenup” and see what you may find!


Our weekly “Get off the Earth” time… February 6th, 2021


NEWS FLASH!… Captain John has a book coming out!

(Click here for all the details) and pre-order your copy!


(CLICK HERE) to see all the fun we had on Captain Johns 97th Birthday!


Someone in our “Flight Crew” is about to have a Birthday!!! (Friday, August 7th)…  (CLICK HERE) for the details!

Captain John on short final to runway 4, home base Luray


(CLICK HERE) to see our recent flights… “Aloft… Once Again”

Aloft once more!

(CLICK HERE) to view the article about Captain John by Stephanie Singer in the December issue of AOPA’s  (Airport Owners and Pilots Association) magazine…  Check it out! (Stephanie is the Communications Specialist with Mercy Medical Angels)



(CLICK HERE) to view our most recent Angel Flight of November 14th, 2019… Frederick MD to Roanoke VA


Spending Veterans Day with Captain John!…  

(CLICK HERE) to read my story.


Our most recent Angel Flights were on October 27th and October 28th, 2019… You can click (CLICK HERE) to see our story and photos of   “Two Missions, Two Days… One Purpose”


“Two Missions, Two Days…One Purpose” With Connie and her mom Diane safely back to Raleigh NC

(CLICK HERE) for Photos of Captain Johns 2019 Joint Bomb Group Reunion held in Dallas Texas.… the photos will tell the story!

WFAA ABC TV (Channel 8 local Dallas) greeted us as we arrived in Texas on Wednesday… you can click (HERE)to see the interview that aired on Thursday. A great big thank you to reporter Kevin Reece!

New Phototastic Collage us map

Wednesday, Sept 18th, we will be departing home base Luray heading for Dallas Texas! We will be attending what may end up being Captain Johns last Bomb Group Reunion. 

Saturday, Sept 14th, we will be departing home base around 8:30am headed for Philadelphia PA… from there, we will fly our passenger back home to Rocky Mount NC. Due to the distance of this trip, it was originally set up as two connecting flights… so we chose both and will be making it just one leg from Philly to Rocky Mount. 

Have a great day all, and stay tuned for story and photos!

We will be departing for Dallas Texas on September 18th to attend Johns Bomb Group Reunion…… stay tuned!


(CLICK HERE) for Story and Photos of Captain Johns surprise flight on his 96th Birthday



We Are Back!

(CLICK HERE) to view our first Angel Flight of 2019!



Back in our “Happy Place” …… First Angel Flight since our equipment failure, July 7th, 2019



Click here and see how these two ole pilots hearts have been melted!

New Phototastic Collage

WDVM TV interviews Captain John for Veterans Day

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Joint Bomb Group Reunion 2018 (Dayton Ohio)

(Click here to check out the story, photos, and videos)

DSCN5433 (2)

Captain Johns amazing 95th Birthday week!

Eight Angel Flight Missions within Seven Days…. and mingled in with that, a Surprise Birthday Hanger Party that was really a surprise!

(Click here to read all about it and to see all the pictures)

(CLICK HERE) to watch our video  “Back to Earth” …… Hope you enjoy, and do not forget to BUCKLE UP!

Our “Double” Angel Fight Mission of July 13th has been posted (Total flight time of 7.6 hours….. our longest of the year)  You can “CLICK HERE” to view!


You can (CLICK HERE) to view all of our Angel Flights thus far for 2018.


(Click Here) to read all about “Pilot Appreciation Day 2018” where we both received “Virginia Pilot’s of the Year Award” and “Regional Pilot’s of the Year Award” for the entire Mid-Atlantic Region……and while there, Captain John had an Amazing Surprise……..  the “Blue Uniform


You can (CLICK HERE) to see our WDVM TV Interview by Karlynn Wells that aired on February 22nd, 2018

New Phototastic Collage  You can “Click Here” for our Interview with WMR Radio



Reasons We Fly……. 2017



Captain John receives “The Distinguished Volunteer Pilot Award” at The National Aeronautic Association 2017 Fall Awards Dinner in Arlington Virginia…… (You can click here to view)



 Click here to see ” Reasons We Fly

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