April 27th, 2023


To fly my passengers, Syrenia and Leigha, from Tazewell. VA to Charlottesville, VA for Syrenia’s medical appointments.

Mission Route:

Luray VA (KUA) – Tazewell VA(KJFZ) – Charlottesville VA(KCHO) – Luray VA(KLUA)

Total Time and Distance:

4 hours of total flight time (1.75 in IMC) covering 392 nautical miles

Weather and Comments:

Flight conditions on this flight varied, from mostly clear to mostly cloudy, with showers injected at points down towards Tazewell. The ride was overall smooth except on occasions of flying through clouds that did not want a hole punched through them. Winds were not much of a factor either direction.

This was my second time flying Syrenia and Leigha, and certainly as before, it was my honor and pleasure to have done so! Syrenia has this special characteristic about her that always keeps her leaning towards the positive side of things, regardless of what may be going on… and to me, this is as good as any medicine, maybe even better! I knew from our last flight together that she served our Country in the United States Marines, but on this flight, I also found out that she jumped out of perfectly good flying airplanes during her time of service… absolutely amazing!

Mission was safely completed… hope you enjoy the photos!

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