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First of all just let me say this….. John Billings is one of the Most Amazing Men I have ever had the Honor to meet !  John and I have been flying together for the past 6 years, we met through my Business (Edinburg Electronics….. He needed a TV) and we have not stopped talking since ! I have been in the air with him for over 1000 hours (and counting) and what I have gained in doing so has been priceless…. not only in getting to fly a lot, but getting to meet and know the amazing passengers that we transport around the Mid Atlantic thru Angel Flight. The Hugs and Smiles we get are priceless! Even though many may be dealing with life threatening issues, it does not show on the outside!  It really enforces my strong feelings that it is really the simple things in life that end up meaning the most. I want to end this by saying that I am so Honored to be able to be a part of this Flight Around America with Captain John…… And we both hope that you and all your friends will keep following us on our Flight.

Now a Little about John Billings….. WWII Bomber Pilot – Airline Pilot – Angel Flight Pilot

  • Had his first Airplane ride in 1926 (In a Curtis Robin)
  • His first flying lesson was in August of 1938 (In a Taylor Cub)
  • Military Service …. July 1942 – June 1947
  • Active Duty …. December 1942 – February 1946
  • Had training in seven States …. NJ, NY, TX, OK, KS, MA,and SC
  • Flew Combat Missions in B24 Liberator’s based in Italy from August 1944 – May 1945
  • Flew 14 Bombing Missions with the 484th Bomb Group……825th Squadron
  • Flew 39 OSS Missions (HSSQ 885th)  One of which was called Operation Greenup (One of the most successful Intelligence Gathering OSS Missions of WWII)
  • Received the Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Post Combat Service was in B24 Engineering Test at VAAF (Victorville, California in the Mojave Desert)
  • Active in General Aviation from June 1946 until present ….  Completed 50 Angel Flight Missions in 2014 and just recently has past his 300th Mission
  • Flight and Ground Instructor from August 1946 thru June 1948 (at Hanscom Field.. Bedford MA)
  • Flew Airlines from June 1947 thru August 1983
  • Flew for Trans World Airlines (TWA) from June 1947 thru June 1948 in DC-3’s
  • Flew for Eastern Airlines from June 1948 thru August 1983. The planes he flew was … Douglass DC-3 … DC-4 … DC-6 … DC-7 … DC-9 (His Favorite) … Martin 404 … Covair 440 … Lockheed Constellation 749 and 1049 … and the Electra
  • Logged air time in the Eastern Airlines DC3 that hangs in the Washington  DC Air and Space Museum
  • Has been doing Angel Flights since February 2005 and has totaled over 300 Missions (as of 2015)and still counting
  • Has been named Virginia’s Angel Flight Pilot of the Year 4 different times (2009,2011,2013.2014) and Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Pilot of the Year 2 years in a row (2013 and 2014)
  • Received the Master Pilot Award on December 17th 2006
  • Member of the UFO’s ….. United Flying Octogenarians (Aviators over the age of 80 and still Flying)
  • Received the Prestigious Endeavor Award on May 30th of this year (2015) in Los Angeles California…. beneath the Space Shuttle Endeavor.    (Click here to see more)
  • Has his Name on the Wall Of Honor at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC
  • Has logged over 29,000 flight hours ….. of which over 2,800 has been in his Cessna Cutlass RG
  • Turned  92 on Our Flight Around the Country !!!!
  • Completed a Double Angel Flight Mission on his 93rd Birthday !    (Click here to see photos)
  • Received (The Distinguished Service Award) for his role in the OSS and Operation Greenup.  (Click here to see more on this)
  • As of December 2016 has completed 357 Angel Flight Missions and still going strong !
  • Hands down…… The Best Pilot I have ever had the Privilege to Fly with !    And I Truly feel it an Honor to be able to call him my Friend !
  • Truly One of America’s Hero’s…… Flying in War and in Peace

15 thoughts on “A Little about Captain John”

  1. Leslie Billings

    And best of all, he’s my daddy! Wouldn’t be here without him. I know that he is amazing of course!

  2. chris weatherholtz, Fort Valley, VA

    I met him threw my brother Nevin Showman and he is a amazing man.I thank God every day they have met each other.They are so much alike and i believe it was meant to be.Great things happen all the time and this for sure was one of them.

    1. Bonnie Showman hammond

      Sorry i didnt notice my son was logged on so this is Bonnie Showman Hammond that just posted the comment

  3. Thank you for creating this! Very interesting! What an AMAZING career!! Fabulous!! Thank YOU John Billings for your charity & service!!! You are a very special person and have blessed the lives of many! (a different nonprofit, however, I understand the gift given when you are the recipient of a flight: my daughter & I benefited from Corporate Angel Network flights to & from Boston for treatment. It was very much appreciated by our entire family.)

    1. Well put Richard ! ….. After spending well over 1000 hours in the cockpit with him he still continues to amaze me (It is such an Honor to fly with this guy, he has certainly helped me to become a better Pilot ✈✈✈)

  4. I just learned about John. I have had some similar experiences, having been an Intelligence Officer (U S Army) and living in Berlin Germany for three years. I’d like to contact John directly, if that is possible.

    Dale Terry,
    Kansas City, Ks

  5. I had the privilege of meeting John on Pilot Day 2018… and if that wasn’t enough, I shared a with him, Nevin, Sharon, and Mikayla. Needless to say, I was one excited communications specialist! The joke of the day was, “This is the *real* dignitaries’ table!” Keep flying 🙂

    Stephanie Singer
    Communications Specialist for Mercy Medical Angels

    1. It was a great day and we really enjoyed sharing our table with you Steph…… keep up the great work!

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