About Charitable Flying

I Love this Angel Flight Mid-Atlantics Quote……

“Volunteer Pilots Providing the Shortest Distance Between Home and Hope”

Every day across Our Great Country many, many Volunteer Pilots are doing just that, providing Help and Hope to those in need….. but even larger than the great number of Pilots that Volunteer, there is even a larger number of those in need !  Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic is a nonprofit organization utilizing over 550 volunteer pilots. For the past 12 month period, Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic completed and average of 75 flights per month. The pilots volunteer their time and aircraft….. but the coordination and the work behind the scenes require paid staff…. so it is our hope to bring as much attention and support as possible to this Great Service……  More Volunteer Pilots are needed and more funding…. lets together spread the word and help in making the distance between Home and Hope a little bit shorter !

 Please Check Out these Websites…. Just click on the Address




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