Angel Flight July 28th, Leesburg, VA to Roanoke, VA…

On this Angel Flight, Jimmy and I departed homebase around 2:30pm and headed for Leesburg. There we met our passengers, Jenny, and Grattan, her caretaker. Jenny had already been to her medical appointment, and our job was to fly them safely back home to Roanoke. After some great conversation getting to know one another, and a fairly good downpour passing over, we headed out to 49Bravo and loaded up.

Our flight to Roanoke took about 90 minutes, and our flight conditions were very good. All along the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains we were poking holes through the clouds, Jenny mentioned that this was her first time ever she had flown through clouds, which she compared to riding an amusement park ride, and she absolutely loved it! 

At Roanoke we captured some more pictures and gave our goodbyes. Jenny and Grattan both commented on how much they had enjoyed the flight and said they would love to fly with us again! Jenny needs to go to Leesburg once a month, so when I got back home, I signed on for both of her flights next month, taking and returning her!   

Our flight back home was smooth as silk, taking around an hour, with amazing scenery all along the way. We were wheels down at 8:05 back at homebase with a good feeling of “Mission Accomplished”.

A great big thank you to Mr. Jimmy (AKA James Culpepper) for being my flight assistant for this flight.

Have a great day all!

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