Angel Flight July 30th, 2022… Julianna goes to camp!

  • Homebase: Luray Caverns Airport (KLUA)
  • Passenger Location: Manassas Regional Airport (KHEF) Manassas, VA
  • Passenger Destination: Piedmont Triad International (KGSO) Greensboro, NC
  • Total Flight Time: 4.4 hours
  • Total Distance: 447 nautical miles
  • Flight Assistant: Karen Culpepper

Our mission on this flight was to safely transport 12-year-old Ms. Julianna to Greensboro, NC, so that she could attend the amazing Victory Junction Camp. Captain John had a special passion for seeing children go to Victory Junction, and we had made many of these flights together in the past, either taking children to, or returning them home, from Greensboro.

Ms. Julianna was all excited about going, but a little nervous about flying in a small airplane, fortunately, the weather conditions made it a great day to fly, and we assured her of it being a very fun, safe flight.  And that is exactly what it turned out to be, with the ride being very smooth, the scenery amazing, and along with that, we were able to fly her through some very beautiful, puffy clouds!  We could tell she was much more at ease as we arrived in Greensboro, along with being so excited about going to camp!

After we saw Julianna off on the Victory Junction Bus, we enjoyed a very nice lunch that Karen had prepared, which included homemade chicken salad and homemade blackberry cobbler, and oh boy how good that was! After that great lunch, and with full bellies, we departed Greensboro and headed back home.

It was great getting to fly Julianna to camp, and it was great getting to meet her family at Manassas (her mom, dad, and little brother were there to see her off) I will be doing her return home flight on Wednesday, the 3rd of August, with my wife Sharon being my flight assistant. This will be her very first time on an Angel Flight and she is really looking forward to it!

A great big thank you to Mrs. Karen Culpepper for being my assistant on this flight, and for supplying such a wonderful lunch! I also want to thank everyone that follow my flights as I carry on the legacy of my great friend, Captain John Billings, he instilled the passion into me, and it is my honor to carry it forward!

If you have the chance, CLICK HERE to see all about Victory Junction Camp, it is truly and amazing!

Have a great day, and hope you enjoy our pictures!


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