Angel Flight June 21st, 2018

     On todays flight we departed home base Luray at 0830 westbound to Charleston WV (KCRW) We were cleared direct as filed and headed up to 6000 feet. Before we crossed over the Allegany Mountains ATC had us climb up further to 7000 feet.  Our ride was fairly smooth going in and out of clouds along the way. Between us and Charleston some weather was in action but it was minor in intensity and we continued straight thru it. As we neared Charleston we were told to expect an ILS 23 approach to get down thru the clouds and light rain but we were first instructed to proceed to one of the initial approach fixes and hold until further instruction due to a helicopter ahead of us that had the right of way. So we headed to the instructed position and began our hold and before we completed the first turn we were cleared for the ILS23 approach once we turned inbound. All during this time we were in the soup with light rain. After contacting the tower while on our approach we were cleared to land and proceeded on, breaking out of the clouds with forward visibility at around 2200 feet. After landing we were given taxi instructions to the FBO. The last time we landed here a Charleston was back in the winter during a little snow storm!

     After parking and getting inside we found out that pilot number one (that was delivering our passengers to us from Cincinnati) was being delayed due to diverting around weather that was in his path. The delay was about one hour and at 11:00am our passengers arrived safely, ready for their flight with us that would take them home to Charlottesville VA.  We had flown Matthew and his mom Sheila before and we were looking forward to flying them again. After our greetings, hugs and a bathroom break, we all loaded up ready to depart Charleston for Charlottesville VA. 

     As we departed on runway 23 the rain was coming down steady, but as we were cleared east on course and got further away from the airport, we were just climbing up thru the clouds heading to 9000 feet, leaving most of the rain behind us. Our ride over to Charlottesville was fairly smooth with some bumps as we poked thru some of the higher clouds (they were all trying to grow up into thunderstorms for later in the day and they did not like us poking a hole in them). As we got closer to Charlottesville the clouds rose above 9000 feet putting us in them until we received out descent instructions, than at around 5000 feet we came out into the clear and made a visual approach into Charlottesville, landing on runway 21.

     At Charlottesville we had  more of a visit with Matthew and his mom Sheila as we gave our goodbyes and exchanged hugs (along with taking a group picture together), then we saw them on their way and loaded back up into 49Bravo for our short flight back across the Blue Ridge to our home base Luray.   Our flight back home was only about a 19 minute flight crossing over the Blue Ridge beneath the clouds making a visual approach into home base Luray landing on runway 4.

     After tucking 49Bravo back into her hanger we were looking very much forward to our nice hot cup of hanger coffee, but our Keurig Coffee Machine had a malfunction! (Oh NO!) So, without our coffee fix we were soon off on one of our most dangerous parts of the day…… our drive home (without coffee)!  I do need to say though that as of finishing up this story setting at my desk, I have already downed two cups….. so I am OK!

     Our total flight time today was 3.5 hours covering 343 nautical miles over 2 States. This was Angel Flight Mission Number 427 for Captain John and Angel Flight Mission Number 297 for myself (Nevin)

     Thanks again for following our flights and Have a Great Day!  Hope you enjoy the following photos!

Back seat is ready for Matthew and his Mom Sheila
Back seat is ready for Matthew and his Mom Sheila
Heading to Charleston WV at 7000 feet
Heading to Charleston WV at 7000 feet
The sky always seems to entertain us!
The sky always seems to entertain us!
Flying in and out of clouds and thru the rain looking at a rainbow as we near Charleston WV
Amazing rainbow colors in the high clouds above us as we head towards Charlottesville VA at 9000 feet
These clouds want to grow up into Big Boy Thunderstorms……. and they are getting a good start!
Here is a typical response to our flying! (Sheila and Matthew as we head them home to Charlottesville VA)
Here we are with Matthew and his Mom Sheila safely back home in Charlottesville VA

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  1. Thomas Creekmore

    Nevin and Capt. John have wonderful smiles. It shows they enjoy what they do. Thank God for people like them.

  2. Ralph Cavaliere

    Flying is never a dull moment, always filled with wonders, with 2 great pilots and their passengers taking it all in. Bravo!!

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