Angel Flight November 14th, Frederick MD to Roanoke VA

Our Mission for this flight was to see to it that our passenger Barbara, made it safely back home to Roanoke VA after having her medical treatment in New Jersey. Barbara’s journey home started off departing from Teterboro with Angel Flight Pilot, Steven Hittman. Steve flew Barbara to Frederick MD where Captain John and I continued her on to Roanoke VA.

We departed home base around 10:00 am Thursday morning and arrived in Frederick slightly before 11:00… with a very smooth tailwind of around 20knots. Steve and Barbara arrived shortly after, having departed Teterboro an hour and a half earlier. After our greetings we loaded back up on 49Bravo with Barbara and departed Frederick, heading for Roanoke. Our flight at 6000 feet was very pleasant, although we had a fairly strong headwind keeping our ground speed generally in the two-digit range.

Arriving at Roanoke, we were cleared for a visual approach to runway 6, and after being cleared to land Captain John greased it in with the wheels not even knowing that they touched the ground! Once inside we enjoyed some delicious airport cookies and great conversation with Barbara before giving our hugs and goodbyes. Hugs are such a great part of what we do!

Our flight back from Roanoke was very smooth with a very nice tailwind, getting us back to home base in less than an hour. After tucking 49Bravo back into her hanger we enjoyed some great, hot hanger coffee in our heated Pilot’s Lounge with our Assistant Airport Manager, Jimmy Culpepper… We want to thank Mr. Jimmy for preheating our engine before this mission, making our first engine start of the day a non-event! Thank you Jimmy!

We also would like to thank our mechanic, Doug Carlock, for seeing to all our needs with 49Bravo allowing us to take safely to the air on all our Angel Flight Missions… Thank you Doug!

So, with the coffee being finished and the hanger door being closed, we headed out on one of our most dangerous parts of the day… our drive home! Thank you each and everyone for following our flights and by all means… Have A Great Day!

On our way to Frederick MD
Back seat ready for our passenger, Barbara
Departing Frederick MD
Harpers Ferry, WVA
Front Royal where the Mighty Shenandoah River goes in two directions
Front Royal Airport… Hello Doug!
Flying over our home base at 6000 feet while on our way to Roanoke VA
Looking west over the beautiful mountains of VA/WVA
Massanutten Ski Resort… back close to home base, Luray

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