Angel Flight September 24th, 2018

     Today we kept our heads in the clouds! We departed home base Luray at 0840 heading for Roanoke Virginia, at 1100 feet agl we entered the clouds and did not see the ground again until we broke out on our approach to runway 6 at Roanoke.

     At Roanoke, we picked up our passenger Barbara and headed for Manassas Virginia. Once again we entered the clouds where we remained until our approach to runway 34R.  Barbara did not mind being in the rain and the clouds with us so much because the ride was very smooth (it can actually be very relaxing sometimes in the clouds on days such as this)

     From Manassas, Barbara would be flying on to Danbury CT with Angel Flight Pilot,  Brian McAndrew. After we gave our goodbyes, we departed for home and once again, stuck our heads back into the clouds until we broke out on our approach to runway 22 at home base Luray.

     So today was a fantastic flying day, but it did not produce very many photos ……because our view out the window remained pretty much the same, white! 

     After tucking 49Bravo back snuggly into her hanger we enjoyed coffee in our hanger lounge with Mr. Jimmy, one of our airport’s staff….. and boy did it taste good. Finally, we had to get together the courage to head out into the rainy, damp weather and drive home, our most dangerous part of the day!

Following are the few photos of the day


Departing home base heading for Roanoke VA….. about to enter the clouds


Back seat ready for our passenger, Barbara
Landing at Roanoke in the rain
In the clouds, on our way to Manassas VA with our passenger, Barbara
With Barbara on the ground in Manassas VA
Our view out the window…… same view all day!
Angel Flight Mission completed…. heading back home and still in the clouds
Looking at the Shenandoah River as we are on short final to runway 22 at home base, Luray


     Thanks for viewing and have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Angel Flight September 24th, 2018”

    1. Esther L. Jacobson

      You two young men are just amazing, one day I hope I can ride with you, wishing you God’s Blessings always, and ask him to always keep you both safe.
      Esther L. JAcobson

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