Angel Flight Williamsburg, VA to Manassas, VA (July 20th, 2022)

Today’s Angel Flight had us departing homebase Luray at 7:00am heading for Williamsburg, VA. Our mission was to pick up our passenger (Stuart) and fly him up to Manassas for service dog training. I have flown Stuart before, the first time was back in June and my flight assistant was my great friend, Karen Culpepper, this time my assistant was her husband, James Culpepper (AKA Mr. Jimmy).

We arrived at about 8:10 and were greeted by Stuart and his family (wife and two boys, ages 3 and 6) Before our departure we put both boys in the front seats of 49Bravo and had a photo shoot! (You will see the photos below) After giving their goodbyes, we departed Williamsburg heading for Manassas. 

At Manassas we were vectored around very nicely for a visual approach to runway 16L, from there we had a short taxi to the FBO, and we were soon out of 49Bravo and in the very nice (and very cool) FBO, APP Jet Center. The FBO and the staff are both top notch! This time when Stuart was picked up by the training center, we had the opportunity to meet his one trainer and his dog! (also included on the photos below). After saying our goodbyes to Stuart, Mr. Jimmy and I enjoyed a very nice cup of coffee and conversation before heading back out into the heat to head back home.

After getting our clearance, we taxied out to runway 16L and departed for home. Our flight conditions today were wonderful, and we were wheels down at Luray around 11:30am. A great big thank you to Mr. Jimmy for going with me today, and for being the picture taker and video maker, I had put a full SD card into the GoPro at home early this morning, so we could not use that, so he used the handheld camera for all the videos!

I look forward to flying Stuart again, and by the way, we have verbally contracted with him to train our pup, Jack Frost, when he is finished with his dog!

Thanks again for your time following what I am doing in carrying on Captain John’s Legacy.

Have a great day!

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