April 4th, 2023


Fly my passengers, Syrenia and Leigha, from Tazewell, VA to Charlottesville, VA for Syrenia’s appointments.

Mission Route:

Luray, VA (KLUA) – Tazewell, VA – Charlottesville, VA (KCHO)

Total Time and Distance:

4.8 hours total flight time (.9 in IMC) covering 459 nautical miles.

Weather and Comments:

The ride for most all of our flying today was very smooth with clear skies with the exception of southwest Virginia, where lower clouds, mostly broken layers, were the rule. Due to this, an Instrument Approach was required to get into Tazewell. Winds for the entire flight were very light, not being a factor in any of our directions.

It was an honor and my great pleasure to fly Syrenia and Leigha to Syrenia’s medical appointments on this mission. This was my first time getting to meet them, and during our conversations I found out that Syrenia served our great country in the United States Marine Corp! This trip to Charlottesville is one that they have to make about once a month or more, and if they need to drive it takes them around 6 hours to get there. I look forward to possible flying them again in the near future.

I would like to think my good friend, Karen Culpepper, for flying along on this mission as my flight assistant… Karen is also a pilot and has a Cessna 172 just a few hangers over from 49Bravo.

Hope you enjoy the following photos of this mission… each photo is downloadable. Thanks for following my flights. Have a great day!

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