Bomb Group Reunion 2018, Dayton Ohio

Day One:

     Today, September 13th we departed home base Luray around 0900 and headed west for Dayton Ohio to attend Captain Johns Bomb Group Reunion.  We arrived at Dayton/Wright Brothers Field in about 2.5 hours. Our flight was extremely smooth at 8000 feet with a slight tail wind (yes, a tail wind even though we were heading west!) We had climbed up and out of some low clouds back home once at 8000 feet were over all the clouds until our decent to land.  Captain John was at the controls on our flight out to Dayton making a picture perfect approach and landing on runway 2 at Wright Brothers Airport……. here he is, more than 70 years after flying his B24’s in WWII, and flying himself to his reunion! (And to top that off, during those 70+ years he never stopped flying!)

     The ground crew at Dayton/Wright Brothers Airport were ready for as we taxied in and treated us with the utmost hospitality, allowing us to park right in front to unload and helping us inside with all our luggage. They were even going to take care of putting 49Bravo in a comfy place to be tied down until our return flight home on Monday…. and on top of all that, there would be no charge for anything except the fuel we purchase! Thank you so much to Commander-Aero FBO!

     After a much-needed bathroom break we requested a UBER ride and had one there in about 5 minutes! We arrived at our Hotel a little after noon and was immediately able to check right into our room.  Then we checked in for the reunion, got our name tags and had a great lunch up on the rooftop restaurant. From there we joined in with everyone that had arrived in the social area and enjoyed some great fellowship and conversation. (It is absolutely amazing to me listening to the conversations between these Great American War Hero’s!) 

     At 7:00 we had a group meeting and then returned to the social area where we remained until it was time to turn in. Tomorrow (Friday the 14th) we will be rising early at 0530 so that we can be ready for and finished with breakfast so that we can board a bus at 0730 to head to the Air Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base!

     Following are a few pictures of our day………..  Have a Great Night All!


DSCN5109 (2)

Climbing up and out of some low clouds as we are departing home base Luray



DSCN5115 (2)

Florence as seen on our Nexrad Weather  around 10:00 am Thursday

DSCN5119 (2)

Can you tell that we are a couple of Happy Campers…… our feet are off the ground!

DSCN5121 (2)

Beautiful Farmland of Ohio

DSCN5124 (2)


DSCN5127 (2)

Social Time

DSCN5128 (2)

Some great story’s!

DSCN5133 (2)

The Captains Table

DSCN5134 (2)

Great Friends!

DSCN5141 (3)

Smiles, Smiles, and more smiles!

DSCN5144 (2)

Our Name Tags


5 thoughts on “Bomb Group Reunion 2018, Dayton Ohio”

  1. Glad to hear both of you made it safely. Enjoy the camaraderie, gentlemen and the swapping of stories. God Bless the men of the Fifteenth Air Force. I see a sleeping pup in the cloud bank to the left of the photo, with his snout almost at the edge of the picture.

  2. Would love to be with you tomorrow at the National Air Museum, Do they still have a display with a Nazi flag about the Schweinfurt mission?

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