Day 9

DSCN0183Howdy Everyone !
     Today has been yet Another Great Day of Flying !  The Sites we got to see today was unreal !  We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed seeing them from the cockpit. We traveled from Billings Montana to Sioux Falls South Dakota ! We will be staying here 2 nights to catch up on some homework and to allow our bodies to slowly adjust thru the time zones. The weather has been on our side the whole trip which is quite amazing after over 4000 miles so far. I will be working on the website tomorrow getting some things added that I have been wanting to do….. so stay tuned ! Well after these pictures upload I am off to bed.    Goodnight All !

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15 thoughts on “Day 9”

  1. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Good Morning brother and Mr. John.Thank you again for all the Amazing Pictures.I am so happy you both had another great day.It’s good to hear you both are taking a little break.I am praying you really do get a little rest even though I know you both love it up in the air.Love and miss you…love you both.

  2. What a beautiful way I to wake up. The picture’s are beautiful. Thank you Nevin and John for sharing your flight with us we have enjoyed everyday! Praying for another beautiful day for both of you.
    Betty Loyd

  3. Good morning Mr. John and Da-Jue / junior brother (Nevin),glad you taking a break to adjust to the time zones,The pictures was Amazing as always , great pictures of Crazy Horse. We are doing great here , all of us Girls are missing you like crazy . Can’t wait to what you add to the site. Have a great day , we Girls love and miss you both . Hugs and kisses til we see you both again.

  4. And just how up close and personal did you get with Rushmore??? The pictures are wonderful…am loving the trip and while I miss you John Boy, I’m glad you are taking your time. This is a once in a lifetime thing so ENJOY every minute of it.;;;BBB

  5. Fabulous photos of Mount Rushmore! One never sees it from that angle and so close up! So… exactly how low WERE you flying around Crazy Horse and Rushmore???!!!

  6. Wonderful pictures! Makes me think of the old Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint movie, “North by North West!” So cool to get so close. Thanks so much.

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