Day 10 (Captain Johns Birthday !)

Hello Everyone !

     Today has been another great day of Flying……  tonight we are in Green Bay Wisconsin (and staying at the Official Hotel of the Green Bay Packers)…… We was not able to take many pictures today due to getting into weather. We had to pick up an IFR clearance to get here to Green Bay.  Was a fairly strong system that was moving thru but we came in on the backside of it and all we got into was clouds and rain. John had a Great Day today, and we remembered that we flew last year on his Birthday as well (An Angel Flight)….. and between last Birthday and this Birthday…. we have completed 54 Angel Flights !  Tomorrow we plan on Flying to Toledo Ohio. Hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks again for following our flight.

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7 thoughts on “Day 10 (Captain Johns Birthday !)”

  1. Happy to see you had a great birthday and a successful flight again. Looking foreword to tomorrow’s flight.

  2. Always great to see two beautiful smiling faces , in the morning and in the air . Loved the pictures , one picture looked a little green.LOL . Sorry you won’t get to see Charlie , I know you all was looking forward sitting down and talking. But baby’s don’t have a timer on you will have try another time. Love and miss you both ,happy and safe flying til we talk again……… From The Girls

  3. Nancy from Cherry Valley, IL

    What a great day. Glad you made it through the “soup!” And glad to hear you had. Special 92nd Happy Birthday! On to the final legs of this great journey.

  4. Dad, flying on your Birthday is simply second nature to you! Wishing you all the very best with safe flights! Pilatus? When will your flight around the world begin?

  5. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Good Morning brother and Mr.John..It sounds like Mr.John had a very Happy Birthday and it was another great day of flying.The smiles on both of your faces shows how happy you both are flying on this Epic Flight.As always thanks for the pictures and for letting me feel like I am on this amazing flight with you both.I am always so excited to see what your day has been like and to see all the pictures.I pray for another great day and for a safe and fun flight for you both.Love you both.

  6. Hello guys, looks like Mr. John had a very nice birthday in the air and on the ground, enjoyed the pics, very nice.Safe flying and God bless until next time, love you both.

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