Day 12

Here we are, on our last night away from Home as this Amazing Adventure comes to a close. And as each every other day has been, this Day has been Absolutely Amazing !!!!!!  We really do need to stop and come home because I don’t think we can keep topping the pictures we have been taking ! As I look back on the these two weeks in the Air I can certainly confirm what I believed all along…… This Was An EPIC Flight !  And just because we are completing the Circle tomorrow at 2:00 PM back at our Home Base in Luray Va our Mission will continue. We will thru this flight continue to raise awareness and support for Charitable Flying. I will continue to add things to this Site, including Video clips from the many sites around the Country along with Information on how to get a Hard Bound copy of a Journal documenting this Epic Flight in detail. I would like to remind each of you that you can further help Charitable Flying by making a Tax Deductible Contribution to a Charitable Flying Group of Your Choice…… and if you live in the Mid-Atlantic Region we would like to ask that your Donation go to  Mid-Atlantic Angel Flight……………… their website is  and for any amount of 250.00 or more you would receive one of the 30 American Flags we have Proudly Flown around the Country with us !  (As long as they last !)  If you make a Donation, just mention Wings Around America.  Thanks again for following our Flight and we hope that you will continue to tell as many folks as possible about Charitable Flying and about our website.    We hope you Enjoy Today’s Pictures ………  Goodnight All ! 


































11 thoughts on “Day 12”

  1. I have to say I,ve loved all the pics from all over the country you have taken, but the Niagara Falls pics are just beautiful and yes I agree breathtaking. They are my favorite, so thank you both for letting me join you in this wonderful trip, not only for all the great scenery but educating everyone about the Angel flights that are available to anyone that needs their help.The people that give of their time and heart felt thoughtfulness, we thank you. Safe travels home.Love you both.

  2. Wow! Now that’s the way to see Niagara Falls! Thanks also for the pics of my home state Ohio. We went to Lake Erie, East of Cleveland , every summer for vacation when I was kid. Just as good as the ocean. This has been a remarkable journey-thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Good morning brother and MR.John.I agree with Peggy and Mike.. Breathtaking Pictures.I am so thankful for all that you both do and for letting me part of this Amazing Journey with you both.I will see you today…can’t wait.I pray for another great day and a safe flight home.Love you both.

  4. These pictures are awesome and I must say the best!I have enjoyed every picture so thank you for letting me ride with you.Enjoy your last day and I hope to meet Captain John one day.
    Betty Loyd

  5. Looks to me you have completed the mission and I must say ended it with a bang. The views of Niagara are fantastic and a proper completion of you incredible flight…good job John and Nevin. The post script will be your landing at Luray Airport this afternoon at 2:00. See you there with a big smiley face…,,,BBB

  6. Wes and I visited Niagara Falls on our honeymoon…this is our first time back. We have also lived in CA so it has been so cool to revisit familiar places, both there and across the US. What an adventure! Every morning, first thing, we’ve tuned in to follow your wings…”Where over the US are John and Nevin?” Bravo 49, fly safely home this
    afternoon. B/WG

  7. we have really enjoyed the pictures from all over the country. I am sure you guys have had the trip of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Nancy from Cherry Valley, IL

    More beautiful photos of our beautiful country. Love Niagra Falls! Safe flights home tomorrow. What stories you will tell kids and grandkids! Congratulations!

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