Day 4

Hello All !
     Today has been another Great Day of Flying and we made it to the west coast !  This is Day 4 and we have had no weather delays so far at all !  Today we were over the Arizona Desert a lot and got some neat pictures. We had a Great Reuben Sandwich in French Valley California and when we got to Santa Ana California we had a great breeze off of the Pacific Ocean ! John got to visit with his cousin Donna (which he had not seen in a long time) and they had a Great visit. Tomorrow is going to be exciting….. We are going to land at Victorville at 11:00 am and I believe there will be some news coverage on this (See page called… Back to Victorville)… then off to Santa Cruz were John will get to see his Nephew and also meet with a news reporter !  Well I must go (It is late and the bed is calling me) Hope you enjoy the pictures of the day posted down below !    Thanks again for following our site and continue to tell others !
PS : I want to send out all my love to my Family back home in Virginia !

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10 thoughts on “Day 4”

  1. Nancy from Cherry Valley, IL

    Oh how wonderful! We took off from Orange County Airport (John Wayne Airport) in our Cessna 180 (N2964C) that Christmas of 1958! It sure has changed since then. These flights are so wonderful to participate in with you two adventurers!

    1. Everyday looking at your pictures makes me smile and boy do I need something to smile about! I look forward to everyday wit new pictures and your comments. Be safe and I’m praying for you.

  2. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Good Morning Brother and Mr.John.Thank you for all the Beautiful pictures.I am always in bed by the time you post how your day was and put all your pictures up but I am always so excited to check when I get up early in the morning.Yes I see how late you are staying up lol.I am so thankful it has been great days for this Amazing Journey.I pray for another great day today for Day 5.Love and miss you brother.I love you too Mr. John.

  3. Oh what fabulous pictures. It’s wonderful sharing this journey with both of you. (Wouldn’t mind sharing that Reuben either!) Thanks, Pat and John, Strasburg, VA

  4. Nevin the pics of Arizona and Cali are amazing !!!! So thankful you all have had such gorgeous weather. Beautiful people in Cali 🙂

  5. Particularly like the pictures of the Arizona mountains and desert. Keep those smiles going guys…that’s what I like to see. BBB

  6. The pictures are beautiful, so good to see both of your smiling faces. Thank you for the tour of the hotel last night , it’s a beautiful place .Glad you are having great time , the girls and I love and miss you , looking forward to seeing more pictures and talking to you . Mr. John we love and miss you ,the girls sending you kisses and hugs.

  7. Good morning Nevin and Mr. John hope you all had a restful night. Nevin I hope you were able to get some rest I know you spend a lot of time putting together all the wonderful pics, and we so appreciate it, I’m always so excited to see them. I have my adventure in travels through you and Mr. John, so thank you both. Love and prayers be with you, safe travels.

  8. Beautiful pictures. Look forward to meeting you Nevin. Look forward to seeing you both very soon. What time saturday will u arrive in Florence?

  9. That day was a great day. I got to meet 2 great gentlemen, but not only that, I got to meet an American War Hero. It was a great pleasure to help you 2 with your fuel while here at R.A.S. JetPort at French Valley and to hear the stories that Capt. John shared with me. It was an honor to shake your hand Capt. John and a memory that I’ll always keep. Thank you for stopping in that day. May you have safe travels and soft winds for the future.

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