Day 5 (Victorville !)

Day 5 …… Back to Victorville has been absolutely Amazing !  To be with John as we approached Victorville and then as we landed was such an Honor for me it is hard to describe ! (I got great Video footage of him landing so you can experience it as well)…. the video processing takes a little longer time than I can put into it right now…. but I think it will be awesome when I get it finished. We was greeted on the Ground by many people, including reporters and a Great Group of Folks at Million Air FBO treated us with The Red Carpet Treatment !  After leaving Victorville we headed west and flew out over the Pacific Coast to get some great pictures of the Shoreline. Then we landed at Watsonville (In Santa Cruz) and was again treated extremely well by the fine Folks there, and there was also a reporter waiting onsite to do a Interview with us. It has once again been a Great Day of Flying and I keep coming back to this same word to describe this Flight….. EPIC ! Thanks again as always for being here on our site to help support our goal of bringing support and attention to all Charitable Flying ! Hope you enjoy the Pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them !    Goodnight All            DSCN9738 DSCN9741 DSCN9752 DSCN9758 DSCN9760 DSCN9765

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13 thoughts on “Day 5 (Victorville !)”

  1. John you looked fantastic standing tall at Victorville. You photographers and flyers are doing a great job!!! BBB

  2. It’s so good to be able talk to you and see you every evening. So glad the trip is going great and Mr. John and you are doing great. Keep up the great flying ,love the pictures ,can’t wait to see the video’s of the whole trip. Have great day flying and I will talk to you this evening,love you Sharon

  3. I’m so glad you were able to mark Victorville off you bucket list. The pictures are fantastic.

  4. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Good Morning brother and Mr.John.I just love seeing the smiles on both of your faces.Day 5 was a very special day for you both but especially for Mr.Johns and I am so happy it was another great day.I love all the pictures and can’t wait to see all the videos when you have them ready.I pray today that Day 6 is another Great Day.Thank you both for being the men that you are.Love you both.

  5. It is amazing to see and read about what you guys are accomplishing. So proud of both of you. Thanks for letting us go along for the ride. Sandy

  6. Good afternoon Nevin and Mr. John I know you all had a very special day at Victorville Airport I’m sure Mr. John had all kinds of memories and was a little bit emotional too, I know I was, this was a great tribute to him 70 years later, Wow. Love the pics as always, just wish we could have visited the lighthouse, the view from there I bet would be amazing, oh well maybe next time I know we are on a schedule. Have a great day and as always love and prayers be with you both.

  7. Nancy from Cherry Valley, IL

    I late posting here, but want you to know how much I enjoy being a part of this trip! Thanks to my dear friends, Pat and John, from Strasburg, VA, for sending me a link to your EPIC flight! It is really great to watch the two of you! My dad would have loved to watch, too! More good weather and blue skies!

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