Double Mission Angel Flight, August 25th, 2022…

Flight Assistant: Karen Culpepper

Passengers: Jennifer Fetherolf and her caregiver, Grattan Tucker

Missions Goal: To fly Jennifer and Grattan to Leesburg for Jenny’s specialized appointment, wait for them to return, then safely fly them back home.

Flight Route: Homebase (KLUA) to Roanoke VA (KROA) to Leesburg VA (KJYO) back to Roanoke VA (KROA) then back to Homebase. Departed homebase Luray at 11:30am and returned at 8:10pm.

Total Flight Time: 5.7 hours

Total Distance: 548 nm

Flight Conditions: Flight conditions overall were very good, although we had a few storm cells around that required our attention. It was a very hazy day, which did not lend well to picture taking. Winds, all the way up through the levels were very light, making any storm cell that did develop just kind of sit in place.

Comments: I enjoyed very much getting to fly Jenny and Grattan once again. They both love to fly, and the fact that they agreed to fly with me a second time makes me feel good!

I would like to thank my good friend, Karen Culpepper, for going along as my flight assistant, it is really a big help having another set of hands and eyes in the cockpit on these sometimes-busy flights!

Also, a great big thank you to each and every one of you all reading this for following my flights as I carry on the legacy of my great friend, Captain John Billings!

Here are a few random photos of our flight, as I mentioned before, the haze made it not so good for picture taking.

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