May 12th, 2023 (Double Mission)


To fly my passengers, Jennifer and Tucker, from Roanoke, VA to Leesburg, VA for Jennifer’s appointment, then wait for them to return to the airport and fly them back home to Roanoke before heading back to homebase Luray.

Mission Route:

Luray, VA (KLUA) – Roanoke, VA (KROA) – Leesburg, VA (KJYO) – Roanoke, VA (KROA) – Luray, VA (KLUA)

Total Time and Distance:

5.5 hours of total flight time (.8 in IMC) covering 556 nautical miles

Weather and Comments:

The ride for most of this flight was very smooth at our cruise altitudes. The upper-level winds were light, causing no factor in any direction. The visibility was being affected by pretty extreme haze, most of which was being caused by the smoke drifting in from the Canadian wildfires. We had a few rain cells along our way, but none caused a need to change course. In the afternoon, there was some convective activity, but most all was out of our way as we headed back to Roanoke. We made an Instrument Approach (ILSW 34) in to Roanoke due to the low visibility from the haze, once down below 2000 feet it was much clearer.

It was great getting to fly Jenny and Tucker (I have flown them several times before). We always have a lot of fun which really makes the time “FLY” by! I am looking forward to our upcoming flights together, I already have them on my schedule for several more this year, Jenny needs to make the trip to Leesburg about once a month. When I arrived back at homebase, I made an Instrument RNAV 4 Approach in due to the haze and diminishing daylight.

Hope you enjoy the following pictures… each photo is downloadable by clicking on it! Have a great day!

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