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(Article about Captain John in the December 2019 issue of AOPA’s Magazine by Stephanie Singer, Communications Specialist for Mercy Medical Angels.

(From Out of the Past 2013) John Billings (Operation Greenup Part 1)

(From Out of the Past 2013) John Billings (Operation Greenup Part 2)

 (Northern Virginia Daily June 1st 2015) Still Flying High

(Northern Virginia Daily July 24th 2015) Local Pilots set to leave on “Wings Around America” trip

(NBC 29 July 23rd 2015) Shenandoah Valley Veteran prepares for Trip Around the US

(WHSV TV-3 July 26th 2015)  Around the US in 13 Days

(Santa Cruz Sentinel July 30th 2015) Decorated WWII Pilot circumnavigates the US

 (Victorville Daily Press July 30th 2015)  Decorated WWII Pilot lands in Victorville after 70-year absence

(Northern Virginia Daily July 30th 2015) Pilot revisits WWII Airfield

(Daily News Record August 11th 2015) WWII Pilot 92, Lives Dream of Flight Across America

(WHSV TV-3 August 11th 2015) Valley Pilots Fly Around the US

(Northern Virginia Daily August 12th 2015) Pilots return from Bucket List Flight

(Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic) Angel Flight Pilot and WWII Vet Takes Epic Trip

(Northern Virginia Daily July 5th 2016) Flight For Freedom

(The Patriot Ledger August 16th 2016) A GOOD AGE: WWII Pilot, 93, is Hanson teen’s “Angel”

(Wicked Local August 16th 2016) Scituate native makes 347th Angel Flight on 93rd Birthday

(The Washington Post October 25th 2016) Inside one of WWII’s most daring spy missions: The Men who made OSS operations possible

(Full Measure….. WJLA Washington DC)  Interview with Captain John concerning the OSS and the Congressional Medal of Honor

( “The Lead” on CNN with Jake Tapper )     CNN interview with John that aired on November 29th 2016 …….. Subject:   OSS and the Congressional Medal of Honor

(Northern Virginia Daily article on Nevin’s Endeavor Award Nomination for 2018)  Front page story on January 30th 2018  in the Northern Virginia Daily. 

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Recent Comments:

Dale Thorson (Oct 25th 2016) :  It’s just great for any person to still be flying at such a senior age. I hope I will still be able to continue to be P I C for many more years also.

Walt Keating (Oct 26th 2016) :  If pushed , most adults will eventually confess to having an idol —- mine is Captain John Billings. * *I’ve had the distinct honor to fly many hours with him professionally and privately and can honestly* *submit that I know of no finer gentleman.* *Keep flying John — you are an inspiration .*