Our Flight Around America Trip is soon to begin !

In a few weeks (around the last week of July or First week of August) John and I will be taking off on our Flight Around America. This idea of flying his own plane around the Country has long been on John’s bucket list, (Unknowing to me) so on the way home one day after an Angel Flight many months ago I brought up a question to John…. “What would you think about us flying your plane to the Pacific Coast and back”  ….. that question immediately sparked that desire of John’s bucket list trip all over again…… and it seemed that between the two of us with the blessings of our Wives and Family we could make this happen! So the idea gave birth to the planning stages and our minds took off !  Early on we decided that we would like to make this a Photo Tour and capture many of Our Country’s Great Sites…. and to share them on a daily basis with as many folks as we could with a site such as this. We also wanted to use this Great Adventure to bring attention and support to Angel Flight (and all Charitable Flying Organizations) in hopes of letting as many people as possible find out what a Great Service this offers at no charge to people in need. Check out Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic at  www.angelflightmidatlantic.org   Also check out all the pages on this site and please tell all your friends and family to come visit and follow us as well.  This is still a work in progress so watch for changes and new additions. Thanks for your time…. and….. John and I hope you enjoy your flight with us !

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