I am a family Man that believes very strongly that in life, it is the simple pleasures that mean the most. I love my Family and believe that compassion for others begins at home. My career has been repairing Electronics (TV's Mostly) I have worked for myself most of the time (Edinburg Electronics) and still do on a semi retired basis. I love spending time with my Family and measure my wealth by things other than dollars and cents. I have been very Honored to... for the past 6 years..... to share in my love of Flying with my Great Friend, John Billings (A Decorated WWII B24 Bomber Pilot that has never stopped Flying !) Being able to share in his many Missions of Angel Flights has only made my belief in the simple things in Life that much stronger ! To me ..... Looking at Life...... Its not what happens to us on our journey that matters so much..... it is how we deal with it. That's me kinda in a nutshell !

Someone in our Flight Crew is about to have a Birthday!!! (Friday, August 7th)

Greetings everyone! We hope all are doing well and staying safe during these different times.  It has been awhile since our last post, and I apologize for that, we have not flown Angel Flights since February due to Covid-19, all Angel flights were suspended up thru July but are now back in a limited fashion.  …

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So sorry… the email post you just received about our next Angel Flight got sent out a little early (should have been Friday morning)  So the actual day of the flight is tomorrow, Friday, January 10th. Sorry for the mess up… have a great night!

Fly with us!

Here is a little video of all of our Take-Off and Landings on our Angel Flight of January 6th, 2020…  Tazewell Va to Charlottesville Va.  It is very windy, so buckle-up tight!

Angel Flight “Tazewell Va to Charlottesville Va” (January 6th, 2020)

     Today, January 6th, we departed home base Luray and headed southwest to Tazewell Virginia.  As we climbed up to our cruise altitude of 7000 feet, we were greeted by some fairly strong turbulence before even getting over the Appalachian Mountains (Tazewell is located in the southwest corner of Virginia, and flying direct from …

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