Mission Completed

Our Angel Flight Mission up to Philly PA and then down to Rocky Mount NC has been completed… and our passenger is safely back home! Total time in the air today (Sept 14th) was a little over 6 hours. Story and more photos will soon follow🙂

Someone is about to have a BIRTHDAY!

I have created a special page to collect messages (or special stories) for this amazing guy on his Birthday….. lets see how many we can get!  You can (CLICK HERE) to leave yours…  please remember to leave your name!    

Angel Flight Mission Completed!

🙂Our Angel Flight Mission of today (July 17th) has been successfully completed🙂…. a day of warm temps and dodging storms. (Our passenger Frank is now safely back home!)…. we landed back at home base Luray at around 4:05pm Story and photos will follow tomorrow… Have a Great Evening All!