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Visit from the General’s !

     In Our Hanger… October 4th 2017

Lunch with Robb and 2 Generals (Oct 4th 2017)2-004

     Look who came to our hanger on October 4th 2017 to congratulate Captain John on completing 400 Angel Flight Missions (Now 407 and still counting as of October 18th 2017) !……. along with these two Generals we had Robb Alpaugh (President and CEO of Mercy Medical and Executive Director of Angel Airlines for Veterans) and “Rico” Lenway (Retired Navy Seal/Bull Frog)…… After some Great Hanger Talk beneath the wing of 49Bravo we all gathered at Uncle Bucks in Luray for lunch. (Air Force Major General Jack Catton is now Vice President of Combat Air Force Systems for Boeing in Washington DC and Army General David Rodriguez is Chairman of the Board of Directors for Angel Airlines for Veterans)

     It was an Honor and a Pleasure to have met all of these men and they certainly felt it an Honor to have met Captain John !

Talking with the Generals
Jack, John, David, Robb and Rico
The Generals viewing all the different aircraft John has flown
Lunch at Uncle Bucks in Luray Virginia……. left to right…. Robb Alpaugh (President and CEO of Mercy Medical Angels), Gen. David Rodriguez (US Army Retired), Captain John Billings, Gen. Jack Catton (US Air Force Retired), Navy Seal/Bull Frog.. Rico Lenway (US Navy Retired), Nevin Showman





4 thoughts on “Visit from the General’s !”

  1. So glad to hear that Capt John had the honor of a congratulatory visit from the 2 Generals ….well deserved!!! Thank you Capt John for helping others have the opportunity of needed care….you really are an ANGEL😇😇😇😇😇

  2. I believe an “Angel” ranks higher than a General and Capt John is an “Angel”. Nice honor for the Captain. And he could not have flown all those “Angel” flights without Nevin. My regards to you both.

  3. Hi, my name is Stephanie Singer. I’m the communication specialist at Mercy Medical Angels (which administers Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic) and often share stories from here on the AFMA Facebook page.

    I have a question for Capt. John Billings: did you ever meet a B-17 pilot named Joseph Singer? He was my grandfather’s brother, came home in one piece, and now has his angel wings. Thank you so much for all you do!

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