We’re Back……. Angel Flight Today!!!!

     After many months of having 49Bravo down for service, getting our new G5 HSI equipment installed, we are so excited to say we are back in the air! We flew her home from the shop on Friday, June 31st and have since completed several test flights putting the new equipment through the works and bringing ourselves back into instrument currency. What a great feeling it is, to once again get our feet off the ground…. it has been way too long since our last Angel Flight of October 22nd, 2018.

     We would like to thank all of our many supporters and followers that helped to make this major repair possible, and to our mechanic Doug Carlock, for the many hours he spent trying to get everything to work together!

     Today, we will be departing home base Luray at 0830 for Manassas Va, from there, we will head west to Clarksburg WVa with our 12-year-old passenger Sam, and his Dad. From Clarksburg, Sam will be flown to Cincinnati, OH by another Angel Flight Pilot, where he will then be going for many appointments at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. On this coming Wednesday, we will fly to Cincinnati and bring Sam and his Dad back home to Manassas.  What a great feeling it is for both of us to be back in the air, doing what we love to do! We hope everyone has a great day, and stay tuned for pictures and story from today’s flight.