5 thoughts on “Our most recent Angel Flights are now posted…”

  1. Dear. Captain Billings. I haven’t forgotten you. Just a bit under the weather. Keep up your great work I can’t even imagine how you’re still able to do what you love best. God Bless you and Nevins and the people you help

    1. I can, because it is my passion. And I ignore the any troubles.
      I called your number but it would net let me even leave a message. Call when you have time [540 333 1105].

    2. Hi Ralph… it is so good to hear from you! So sorry you are under the weather, Captain John and I think of you a lot.. we would love to chat on the phone with you. We think the number we have for you is not working… our number are (John 540-333-1105 and Nevin 540-335-2367) Take care and Have a Great Day!

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