Someone in our Flight Crew is about to have a Birthday!!! (Friday, August 7th)

Greetings everyone!

We hope all are doing well and staying safe during these different times.  It has been awhile since our last post, and I apologize for that, we have not flown Angel Flights since February due to Covid-19, all Angel flights were suspended up thru July but are now back in a limited fashion.  We have signed up for several, each being canceled prior to the mission date. The latest we had scheduled would have been today (August 6th), this one ended up being  canceled last week by the patients doctor due to concerns for her travel and the virus.

We have been getting in the air about once a week for short local flights just to get our feet off the ground and to stay current… but this week is a little special because someone in our flight crew is having a birthday Friday (Captain John will be turning 97)! So this week is special and we have already been off the ground 2 days (Tuesday and today) and of course we are planning a flight for tomorrow to celebrate his Birthday!  We are flying up to Bridgewater Airpark (where they have so graciously agreed to give us a tour) to view the very first Presidential Aircraft designated “Airforce One”, which happens to be a Lockheed Constellation Model 749 (Captain John flew over 5000 hours total in both the 749 and 1049 Model Constellations while with Eastern Airlines… the 1049 was referred to as the Super Connie) This one, named “Columbine II” flew President Eisenhower all over the world… up to several years ago it had been sitting in an Arizona dessert… now it is being completely restored by Dynamic Aviation in Broadway. Captain John knows these birds inside and out, so this visit on his 97th Birthday should be fun! On a possible sad note, if the weather in the morning has the ceilings lower than 600 feet, we will have to drive… sniff-sniff-sniff!

Following are some photos (and videos) of our fun so far this week, I will make another post after tomorrows adventures!


Have a Great Day All!

Captain John on final to runway 4
This group of clouds would like to grow up to be thunderstorms
Over Page County
Surfing the cloud tops
In our “Happy Place”!
Surfing beneath the clouds
Turning north along the Massanutten Mountains
Above a scattered cloud layer
Circling climb to go thru a hole in the clouds to get on top
Departing runway 22 Luray… then up thru a hole in the clouds to get on top

Surfing the cloud tops

Up thru a hole to get on top




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  1. Happy happy birthday Captain John. It was so good to hear that both of you are doing well though mostly grounded. Miss you bot stay safe and healthy and wishing you good flying
    Elaine Tully

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