What a GREAT DAY we had celebrating Captain John’s Birthday!

I would like to thank all the many folks who dropped by our hanger yesterday to wish Captain John a Happy 98th Birthday, he certainly enjoyed seeing and talking to everyone… you really made his day! John and I started off the day with a wonderful flight around the beautiful Massanutten Mountain Range… we knew it would be a great day to fly, because not only did Saturday end in “Y”… but so did Birthday! (Any day that ends in “Y” is a good day to fly)!

I would like to thank our great friends, Karen and Jimmy Culpepper for all their help in making this a success, and to Mrs. Karen for providing the most wonderful homemade cookies in the valley, they were, as always, FANTASTIC!

I also would like to thank Danny Cunningham for detailing 49Bravo and making her look so good, I know that is no easy job and we really appreciate it.

Our next hanger get-together will be for a Book Signing when Captain John’s Book “Special Duties Pilot” is released here in the very near future!


Again, thank you all and Have a Great Day!

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