My Heart is Full….

I love this picture of Captain John and I that was taken by a News Crew in Victorville, CA, on our flight around the Country in 2015


I am so gratefully overwhelmed by all of the many thoughts, prayers, kind comments, testimonials, sharing of stories, phone calls, and so much more that we have all seen from so many since Captain Johns’s passing on Friday. It just warms my heart knowing how much he was loved and how much his life has affected others! He is not just my hero, he is everyone’s hero, and it is just not our loss, but everyone’s loss.
This weekend my heart has been heavy, but my head has been very full, full of such wonderful memories just flooding out all over the place… and this is good. More than likely many of these wonderful memories will be posted right here as I move forward.
Cherish every moment you can with a loved one, for these moments will be turned into a wealth that will be richer to you than gold.

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