49Bravo’s Pitot Static/Transponder test is finished!

49Bravo and I are now ready for Angel Flights, (Click here) for the details as we prepare to carry on Captain John’s Legacy!

Thank you so much for your time!

Heading back to homebase Luray after 49Bravo’s Pitot Static/Transponder test was complete. Now carrying on Captain John’s Legacy is a reality!

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49Bravo’s Pitot Static/Transponder test is finished!

On Thursday, I flew up to Weyers Cave (KSHD), where Todd and his crew at Shenandoah Avionics LLC performed the Pitot Static/Transponder test on 49Bravo, the last thing needed before doing Angel Flights! Todd not only worked me in to his busy schedule but also did it at no charge! Thank you, Todd, for supporting Captain John’s Legacy as I use 49Bravo to continue doing Angel Flights!

I would also like to thank our great friend and fellow pilot, Karen Culpeper, for flying with me as a safety pilot on Wednesday as I logged in several instrument approaches, instrument approaches are where you make an approach to land with no outside references, just instruments.

I have logged three flights since 49Bravo had her detailed Annual Inspection and I am glad to say that she is performing top-notch, so now I am ready to sign up for an Angel Flights!

The process goes like this, I receive emails each day listing all available Angel Flights that are in need of a pilot, from those, I look at distance, the number of passengers, and total weight to see if it meets what 49Bravo and I can do. Once one is found that meets all of my parameters, then I click on it to accept. From that point, it goes to Angel Flight Mid Atlantic to get verified. In the event more than one pilot signs up for the same flight, it goes to the one that clicked on it first. Once verified, I get notified along with a mission sheet stating all the details, at which point I contact the patient. From this point on, it is communication between me and the patient until the day of the flight. Other than cancelations for various reasons, such as appointment changes or a health change with the patient, the go, no-go decision on the day of the flight is mine and is determined by the weather. Weather is continuously analyzed up to the day of the flight, keeping safety at the top of the list.

Once I do have a scheduled Angel Flight, I will post the details. I will still be logging flight hours to keep proficient just as Captain John and I always would do. The more an airplane and her pilot are in the air, the better of a team they will make. I always said that Captain John did not climb into 49Bravo to fly, he just put her on like a great fitting shirt!

I have included some photos from the week including 49Bravo’s Pitot Static/Transponder test.

Thank you for your time!