Happy New Year!

I know it’s been a long while since I have posted here on Wings Around America, I believe my last was back in September, when during a routine oil change, it was determined that 49Bravo needed to have her engine overhauled due to metal being found in her oil filter. I do post regularly on my Facebook page but tend to forget to do it here on the website, this is something I plan on doing better at in the coming new year!

Following is a short update on what has been going on since September… first of all, since my last Angel Flight on August 25th, my feet have not been off the ground. I can certainly feel the pain that Captain John always talked about when any length of time would pass without us getting our feet off the earth!

So back during the first part of October, after much thinking, planning, and sorting out the details, 49Bravo’s engine was removed. Her four cylinders were shipped to Oklahoma, and the bottom portion of her engine had a scenic ride down to Chesapeake, VA, thanks to my great friend, Jimmy Culpepper.

Now I will fast forward to this past Tuesday, December 27th. I got a phone call from JR at Aerodyne Corporation down at Chesapeake, letting me know that he had received the rebuilt cylinders from Oklahoma, and 49Bravo’s engine was complete and ready to be picked up! The very next day, thanks again to my great friend Jimmy, we drove down and brought her back home! She is now ready to be reinstalled back into 49Bravo, after which I will relieve my sore feet by heading up to, what Captain John and I always referred to as our “Happy Place”, as I spend time in the air breaking in her newly rebuilt engine! From that point forward, for as long as I can, I will again look forward to carrying on John’s Legacy of helping those in need get to their important destinations and appointments through Angel Flights.

As this year comes to an end and I reflect back, I find that it has been very emotional, challenging, and rewarding, and I am so grateful!

It’s been emotional because I really miss Captain John, and on a regular basis I find myself wanting to talk with him about something, and then quickly realizing that physically, that can no longer happen.

It’s been challenging because of all that needed to be done (especially the engine overhaul) with following thru on my promise to him, that I would try to carry on what we had been doing with 49Bravo in helping others.

It’s been rewarding because I am so grateful that I was able to complete twelve Angel Flight Missions in Captain John’s Honor this year, even though I was grounded in September due to her engine problem.

I am so grateful for so many that have gifted donations in Captain John’s Honor to help with the cost my Angel Flight fuel, thank you each and every one! Every amount given goes completely towards the cost of the fuel I use during Angel Flight Missions, fuel for other flights I personally pay for. I am so thankful to say that all the fuel used during the twelve missions I completed this year was covered by these gifts… what a tremendous help this has been!

In closing I want to convey that even though John has not physically been with me through this adventure, the strong friendship and bond we shared for so long keeps his memory alive in all that I do as I proudly endeavor to continue his amazing legacy!

Hope this finds you and your family well. All the best to each of you as we welcome in the New Year!

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    I am not sure what is the proper way to post here. Happy New Year Everyone! I am the daughter of Sgt. Christopher Norman Holweger who was the waist gunner aboard a B-24 Bomber, Hadley’s Harem, during the Ploesti, Romania raid of WWII. I am writing my father’s biography, “Forgotten Soldier: My Father’s World War II Story: Ploesti, Romania.” If you would like to read the introduction please email me

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