Its been awhile !!!!! …….. Double Angel Flight Mission tomorrow (Saturday, October 7th 2017)

Flight Path-001

Hello Everyone !   

      We know it has been awhile since you have received any post from us, our last Angel Flight was way back in August , which happened to be Captain Johns 400th completed Angel Flight to date !!!   We had several Angel Flights thru September canceled in for various reasons, along with that, John and his wife Barbara traveled to New Orleans for his Bomb Group Reunion….. and ….. my wife and I along with our little 4 year old spent some time up at Niagara Falls, then before you know it, September just passed us on by ! 

     But October is going to be a busy month, just in the next 10 days we have 7 Angel Flight Missions scheduled, a flight down to Williamsburg VA to attend a UFO meeting (That’s right, UFO !) and a flight down to Roanoke to join in with other  Volunteer Pilots to take Wounded Veterans on a scenic flights over to Smith Mountain Lake (Landing there for a picnic !), then return them back to Roanoke. So stay tuned for a lot of post coming your way in the following weeks ! 

     Now about our Double Mission Angel Flight for tomorrow, we will be covering an area that is normally set up as 2 connecting Angel Flights of which we have selected both legs  (which means, once we pick up our passenger, we will fly them to their destination non stop)  We will be departing home base tomorrow morning at approximately 7:45-8:00 am heading to Cleveland Ohio, landing at Burke Lakefront along the shore of Lake Erie. After loading back up  with our passenger, we will depart there heading for Norfolk VA (around a 3+ hour flight, depending on winds aloft) …… From the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean !   Then once we have delivered our passenger safely back to his family, we will load up heading back to home base. (Total time in the air will be close to 7 hours)

     You can track us on Flight Aware at   Once you get to Flight Aware all you need to do to track us is to put in our tail number, of which we use 2 different ones…… when we have no Angel Flight passengers onboard our tail number is  N9649B   and when we do have Angel Flight passengers onboard our tail number is  AF2134  ( Try it out, it is easy to do and it is fun )

        Thanks for your time as always and stayed tuned for Story and Photos to be posted once this flight is completed !

Have A Great Day !

Captain John   and   Nevin

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