Flying + Reubens = A Great Day!

Captain John and I in one of our “Happy Places” today, Sunday, Sept. 27th (looks like we are somewhere over the Shenandoah River)… and to top it off, after we landed we enjoyed fantastic Reuben Sandwiches in our Hanger Lounge! (A combination that is hard to beat!)

Hope everyone is doing well!

John and Nevin

3 thoughts on “Flying + Reubens = A Great Day!”

  1. Nice to hear from you two up there in the “wild blue”. Haven’t heard from you for some time. Too bad they cancelled the “Fly over” in D.C. for this year.

  2. Oh what a happy day! To go flying Over the Shensndoah Mtd and end with a Ruben sandwich! Sounds like a perfect day to me!

  3. So glad to see you two flying again and having a great day….Reuben Sandwiches too is a real bonus……ENJOY!!!!

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