Captain John has a book coming out!

 “SPECIAL DUTIES PILOT” by Captain John Billings will be available in early 2021!  It is now available for pre-order thru most major book stores.

Here are a few, and they will lead you to Johns Book…
Barnes & Noble (CLICK HERE)…Books-A-Million (CLICK HERE)…Amazon (CLICK HERE)
We will be looking ahead to some book signing events as we enter the new year, so get your copy on order!

Please feel free to share this news with all your friends!

Thanks, John and Nevin

4 thoughts on “Captain John has a book coming out!”

  1. It is about time Captain John!!!!!!! Is that a picture of you on the cover when you were a good looking cadet? Your book will go nicely with “The Bedford Triangle” – US Undercover Operations from England in World War Two by Martin W, Bowman.The Harrington airfield they flew from in England in their B-24s was the closest 8th Air Force base to Chelveston, the field I flew from. A B-24 base in with the B-17 bases of the 1st Air Division of the 8th Air Force. Who ever heard of such a thing? Congratulations on the publication of your book.


  2. Where did you live when you entered the service? I know you live in God’s country now, My native state of Virginia.

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