Our weekly “Feet off the Ground”

Another great weekly flight today… we departed home base Luray and headed south to get some photos of Augusta Health Medical Center in Fishersville VA. After circling their complex several times we headed east towards the Blue Ridge, flying over Waynesboro on the way. Once over the Blue Ridge, we followed the mountain range north back to Page County, where we practiced an Instrument Approach back into home base Luray on runway 22. All in all, we flew for 1.3 hours, of which every minute was enjoyable… the ride south at 4500 feet was fairly choppy, but after climbing to 7500 over the Ridges coming back, the ride was really smooth.

After tucking 49Bravo back into her hanger we enjoyed having lunch in our hanger lounge with our great friend, and airport employee, Mr. Jimmy… (we missed having coffee with you Mr. Jimmy!)

Later on, after some great conversation, we proceeded onto the most dangerous part of our day… the drive home!

Have a great day all!

7500 feet AGL over the Blue Ridge
New bridge construction over the Shenandoah River in Page County VA
Looking south over the Massanutten Mountain Range
Controlled burn areas on the Massanutten
Controlled burn area on the Massanutten
No more SNOW!… Massanutten Resort on our Nose
Looking west over towards Harrisonburg VA
Interesting farm field… maybe a musical note!
Beautiful farmland
This looks to be a busy farm!
These clouds reminded us of Eagles/Angels Wings
Augusta Health… Fishersville VA
Augusta Health
Circling Augusta Health
Turning north over Waynesboro VA
Over the Blue Ridge
Hello Cloud!
Cloud shadows on the Blue Ridge
Staring our Approach back into home base Luray
Final turn on our approach back into Luray

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