Happy Veterans Day 2021!

A sincere “Thank You” to all of our Veterans for your so important role in protecting all of our freedoms. Let the day never come that we forget how these freedoms are made possible.

I am honored today to be able to spend the afternoon with my great friend, Captain John Billings (Decorated Bomber Pilot of WWII) We will be heading to JL Simpson Middle School down in Leesburg, VA, where John will be speaking to a large group of students during their Veterans Day Ceremony.

Remember, any day is a great day to thank a Veteran… so the next time you have the opportunity, be sure to do so!

1 thought on “Happy Veterans Day 2021!”

  1. Good morning and a very Happy Veterans Day 2021 to you as well!….It is great to know Captain John Billings and to celebrate this veterans day especially with him in mind, and all veterans who have served our country through out our military history. Captain John your courageous and meritorious Military service to our great country will always be remembered.

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