It has been a GOOD day! … Update on Captain John

Early this morning, I found that Captain John’s latest lab work (thru MyChart) showed even more improvement in his kidney function than the lab of yesterday, and this was great news! I conveyed this information to Barbara before she headed to the hospital. Barbara found John much improved and heard word that they may release him for home, this was greater news!

The Doctors were pleased (and probably amazed) with his rebound and felt the decision to send him home was the right thing to do. So many of the symptoms he has been experiencing have much improved. We know John’s kidney function may not improve much more, and even at best, they will not be working all that good, but the goal from this point forward is to keep a happy balance between his heart and kidneys that will help keep the fluid down and his kidneys still working. I have many times said that John is like the Energizer Bunny, and between Thursday and today he has once again proved that true!
His next visit back for a follow-up will be in about a week, then after that, we plan on getting back to medicine that works the best for him, off the ground and into the wild blue with the wind beneath our wings!


Again, I want to so much thank everyone for all of the many thoughts, prayers, phone calls, and positive thoughts sent out for John and his family, they all are most truly appreciated!


PS: Did I mention that it has been a GOOD day?