Navigating a storm…


I captured this photo a few years back during one of our Angel Flights. Navigating around and between storms was not all that uncommon, we did that many times. Doing this has always made me realize that as we journey through life we will encounter many storms, and even though not the same as the one in this picture, they are not all that different. As a Pilot, the mindset needs to be, that if something goes wrong or the situation is intense, your first line of action always is to “FLY THE AIRPLANE” then you use all your resources available to you to focus on the task at hand and arrive on the other side as safely as possible. This requires much focus, determination, and complete faith in what we have to work with. I feel that if we apply these same principles to the storms we encounter in life, getting to the other side will be much easier… regardless of the outcome. I have personally navigated many storms, both in the air and through my life, and I can honestly say that doing it this way, kept me not only at peace but also made them feel so much less threatening.


And now that’s exactly what Captain John is doing, navigating through another storm.

Thank you so much again for all of the many thoughts and prayers coming his way!


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  1. Thank you, Nevin, for your comments and keeping us updated on Capt. John. Praying for both of you and your families. I always remember our Angel Flights to Philadelphia, when I was going through that personal “storm.” My medical situation wasn’t fun, but flying with you guys is one of my best life memories!

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